Hello and welcome to the home of chef  RF !

Our aim is simple: To bring the delights of North Indian cuisine of Delhi to a public who is incredibly discerning of regional tastes and palates.

The delectable pakoras, samosas, the mouth watering Aloo Gobi wraps, tantalising Chaat, Royal Qormas and Butter Chicken, all ultimate comfort foods ; packed with the distinctive flavours of South Asia, bringing joy to palates for generations.

At chef RF, we pride ourselves with using only

the finest ingredients and coaxing them lovingly to produce Indian Street Food dishes.

Based in Wallington Surrey, we cater for indoor and outdoor events within a 5 mile radius.

So, come rain or shine, nothing tantalises the senses like the sizzling sound, the aromatic waft and the delicious tastes of Indian Street Foods !

Delicious homemade goodness

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